About Staffordshire Business Photos

This Is Our Story


Hi. I am Cliff Grainger the owner and director of Staffordshire Business Photos Ltd. I  would like to thank you for taking the time to look us up.

I created the company after a few years of working with hundreds of small business owners and realising that so many needed support in keeping up with new developments in getting their business noticed. The rapid growth of digital marketing and pace of change is incredibly hard to keep up and so many spend vast sums of money on ineffective campaigns.

Married to Alison, an acclaimed and popular wedding photographer, with two gorgeous Golden Retrievers I am retired from the police service. I live in Staffordshire but enjoy travel, eating out with friends and am a bit of a gadget nut.

In 2012 I was accredited as  a Google Trusted Photographer within their Google Business Photos (now Google Maps Streetview) programme. Whilst I learned a lot about the programme I discovered that the virtual tours were part of a much bigger strategy and there were fabulous opportunities for local businesses to exploit. I ventured to develop a programme of business support. Hence our Engage More Customers Programme was born. We now offer a wide range of related services from websites to Adwords and are looking to expand our team to help deliver them. We still take great photos but we are much more than that now.

We have developed a nationwide capability of specialist skills from high quality bespoke virtual tour, videography and Google tours.

I am available on a personal consultancy basis to advise and help internal teams get the best from the internet, digital marketing, social media and specifically google products

We provide 24/7 support for all our clients. We respond to issues, requests and problems as soon as possible to make sure your business is my businesses priority

We pride ourselves on being innovative and creative, able to quickly analyse a business needs and find new opportunities.

We remain at the forefront of technology, keeping up to date with new developments and ensure our skills are regularly updated across all platforms.

We are trained in PR & media relationships, public speaking and social media. We work hard to maintain great relationships with our partners and their customers through effective communication.