What does a new website cost?

I am determined to drive down the costs of building websites. Successful websites however do require a bit of effort and investment. A basic site can cost from £550+VAT with content supplied by you.

The more work that we need to do obviously costs increase but we will be totally transparent and agree the costs up front.

As an idea I try to keep costs for my time down to £30+VAT per hour.

How long does a website take to build?

It is possible to get a holding site from scratch with a new domain and single image site with contact details live within a couple of hours.

However a simple site can be designed, developed and launched within 6-8 weeks or occasionally sooner.

That said the most successful websites are constantly updated, new content added and worked to provide customers with the information they need.

Can I update the website myself?

I mostly build WordPress websites. These are really user friendly sites that can easily be updated with new content by anyone with the most basic knowledge. I can provide you with training on how to add new content such as text, images, products and blogs to your new site.

What is a domain name and do I need to purchase one?

For people to find your new site you will need a nice friendly domain name that reflects the business. This is really important to get right as it is a key element of the branding fo your business.

Over the years many domains have already been purchased so your first choice may not be available. We can help you with this and even purchase the domain and register it for you on your behalf.